Whenever I can..

(Originally posted last year)

or when I need the money - find me on the crew side. I love facilitating talent and not being the talent (sometimes! ;) only depends on nature of the work and who the talent is. PS in photo She is AMAZING. Watch for her in future. If she wasn’t this incredible I’d have to fight the desire to get in there and do it myself! ;P)

But I enjoy helping out in any way that I can. I love supporting everyone and anyone. It's how we make sure we all have a better day on set. Someday I’ll be running my own set so getting this experience is a part of the journey. I’m still learning stuff on the fly too, with people who have been in the business for decades. I love every component of film making : casting, locations, set designing and lighting and the world of sound, all of it. Probably a reason why I’m doing a documentary is to control every aspect of the film making process. And once I get my footing and start climbing the mountain more substantially then I’ll be able to incorporate my own scripts into my own projects and do my own full length feature films, someday.

Lots of work to do before that time though.

As an actor i want to take on the deepest of roles. The biggest of challenges. As a director I’m going to tackle the most meaningful of stories. Or else why do it, you know.

No sleep till Brooklyn...

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