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Updated: May 23

I’m having an extremely strong flashback today to having Blackkklansman as my day job back only 3 months into being in the city. Being on that set, telling that story, with that crew, that director, that dp, those actors, the fact we shot a film and not a digital video, the day in day out sides, the blocking, the questions I asked, the answers I was given - every single component of being a part of that team contributed so much to my growth as not just an actor, but a film maker. I felt like i was a part of a family. I never knew I was a film maker until after blackkklansman. And what a story to spark your creative juices. When I saw it in theatres once it came out - I was balling my eyes out at the end. I wasn’t the only one either. Lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of questions. What an artistic masterpiece. What Spike Lee did in that film was not only comment on the social environment we are in today, but he tied it in with the struggle in general, and the scope of how meaningful that is was the most important thing I could’ve ever been exposed to.

Do you even realize the social impact that conscious films could have on this country?

When I booked it I was still in the creative

utero. I didn’t know what I was doing -after blackkklansman though, not only did I know acting but now I knew film making. And it was off to the races from there, how many things could I book to show how much I can do acting, and how long do I have to only do that

until I can start telling my own stories.

Blackkklansman changed my life, I’ll always be indebted to those people and I’ll always feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to be a small part of it.

For someone who had the acting bug as a kid but never had the courage to actually try it, it changed my life. It equipped me, it taught me countless lessons - I will always be grateful.

Because that small part meant the world to my development growth maturation and courage as an actor, thank you to Spike and every single person on that crew.

(From 4th grade notebook)

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