• Chris Banks

To impeach or not to impeach, THAT is the question

A question I keep asking myself is why is our society today so rotten that it won’t do anything about what investigators uncovered in the Mueller report. I mean we don’t even talk about it on the level Don’t think the Mueller report uncovers anything? Well then obviously you haven’t read it. How can you live in a country and not care about it? Not only did a foreign adversary interfere in our election, but we have a President that is, at best, horrible. At worst you could argue that the man sitting in our most important office is not only playing us for fools, he degrades and disrespects our history, he single handily destroys our progress globally and here at home, he enriches himself putting a name and a face on the first true strain of western democratic corruption, he is a demagogue, he is a racist. He plays into human being’s natural state of being afraid of the unknown. He plays this card by turning immigrants, people who you don’t know, into people you are afraid of. AND he is a criminal and the only reason why he is not held accountable is because of the gold cloak around him that the office (I guess According to William Barr) provides (I don’t think Jefferson would agree)

Is there anything else we need to see read learn or hear? Or is this why impeachment exists. It’s supposed to be used at times like this. If not now, when? And if not him, then who?

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