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The gitters..and totaling my car...

After staying in New York for almost 3 weeks I knew I wanted to move there. I knew I could make it work. I knew it’s where I needed to be, but I was soo cautious. I had a job that i didn’t want to give up, I knew when I got back to Boston that I had to get another one. So really that was my focus - getting another job. But all the while New York was on my mind, I knew i had to be there.

So I got a job as a dog walker in South Boston, and mostly - it was all puppies! So much fun. I honestly had my opinion of dog walking skewed by this first job as a dog walker around my hometown. None of the dogs were any trouble, and most of them all I had to do was play dad! Piece of cake. And whole lot of poo! Lol That’s enough of that though. But I was working and making what I needed to to keep up with all of my bills. Between debt payments, rent and everything else we have to pay for - we almost have no choice but to have two incomes. So I did my thing for a few months walking dogs, and what not.

Fast forward those few months and on my way to work one raining day, my car lost its grip on the road (2001 Ford Taurus w close to 190K miles on it, definitely needed new tires. But with my dad being a mechanic we kept it in really good shape, minus the tires on that obviously.) and so there I went around a corner and with absolutely no control of the car. Someone for whatever reason was parked up on the sidewalk in front of a pole, so instead of wrapping around a pole - i collided with the parked car. I wasn’t going all that fast so thankfully no one was hurt. Except my car. Midnight was totaled. The hood was cracked, and the airbags deployed. I’ll never forget that feeling of helplessness, It was scary. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. But I didn’t have a car anymore, and I had to call out of work. For which I got written up for.

I had no idea how to be car-less. I’ve always had one. And naturally my thought Process went right to financing a car. And I was inside of the dealer showroom waiting to sign paperwork for an Audi, but for whatever reason I couldn’t physically sign the papers. So I walked out. And the neurons started to fire, I think I should actually move to New York...

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