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The funny thing rejection gives you - gratitude

Updated: May 23

I’ve been getting rejected a lot recently. Actually, i always get rejected. I find it to be extremely rewarding. Because it’s making me dive deeper into myself. But most importantly it forces me to connect more with the world. Because of this I’m finding more gratitude in things I seemingly took for granted before.

I really want to gain traction somehow, I just want to be busy. I wish I had a big script to digest, honestly. There’s nothing better than diving in to a character. Finding the quirks, the excitement, finding myself in there. I ask for the whole script if it’s looking that we’ll work together. I don’t just want to understand my part in the story I want to understand the story so I know my part better.

Having done a voiceover I so want to do a big voiceover job as well, maybe like cartoon or something. I just think voiceover is where timing comes into focus. I have greet timing so I could be really funny given the character. I’m just bored. I want to be on planes, in hotel rooms studying, and in random board rooms for table reads. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate since being in the city with how much I’ve been able to do. It’s also kind of made me spoiled, as an actor. I don’t want to sit around. I want to be on set, I want to be thinking, reading - creating. I have an unquenchable thirst for this work and it’s been that way since my first day on set.

What I need is a mentor, or someone who’s been there or doing it, and can help be my bumper in the bowling alley, so to speak. That would be awesome. But I just have to focus on working hard, and feeding myself. I need to get in the gym. I need to put back on the bulk I lost.

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