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Still in it’s original plastic...

It was funny because I had just ordered the latest LSAT prep book, which was actually the test that I had just taken 2 months prior. Every year LSAT releases the year priors test as a practice test. When you purchase ‘LSAT practice test 68’ what it really is, is the actual test from a particular year. So I just ordered the newest one with the aim of studying it retaking it to do even better on the retake in order to increase my chances of getting the highest financial aid award that I possibly could get. I grew up an only child to a single mother, we never had money. Still don’t. But I knew going to law school would be equally fun and rewarding and wanted to get as much help in that pursuit as I could possibly get.

But after Detroit I knew I had to do something different. That practice test was never opened, and it’s still in my mother’s house in Southie, still in the UPS package it was delivered in.

From talking to people on set I heard of this thing called Central Casting, it was in New York but if I could go there for the day and register I would have more chances to be back on set, on production in the big Apple no less! So I jumped at the chance, looked up when they did open registration and took a bus for the day. It was a fun day, and little did I know the amount of work that would end up coming my way.

Back to Boston I went and to my first actual auditions! Madness ensues...

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