Statement On Our Nation

(January 3 2021)

I’ve used a platform over the course of this year, usually to organize my thoughts from what was a traumatic day in the life of being an American, in 2020. What started with the impeachment of a President and should have been our first removal, ends with a failed insurrection. An utterly shameful embarrassment.

I try to use my civic awareness and desire for a better just country to inform my fellow citizens. I am not paid to do this. We all have this power. Civics is not my knowledge or your knowledge. Civics is our knowledge. Our shared core. How our country works. The more we know about this stuff the less people like him can come into the political Frey lie through their teeth to obtain so much power that they actually start to succeed in breaking down our constitutional guardrails. Yesterday, we had a man impeached and in debt to foreign nations lie at a rally to his supporters that ended up making them stage a modern day insurrection. That just happened. An extremist group just staged what could have easily been a disastrous domestic terrorist attack in the hometown created by Jefferson Adam’s Washington Madison and Hamilton. This is not a video game. This is your country. Our country.

One flag. One destiny. This is the pin that Lincoln wore in the battlefields.

This is the pin that the Speaker of our House wears today.

We are all living history. Everyday. The world just witnessed what was its shining example tarnish and soil itself. 220 years of careful thoughtful deliberate progress.

Gone. One man and his family have brought shame and disgrace to a party to our name to our flag and to our history. To the bonds between us as men.

One man has tried to push us to the brink of breaking. And some of us broke. Luckily, our system has endured a civil war-and will again. We will not surrender this great experiment to hate nor blink in the face of extremism.

Instead, We will work to heal the bonds between us as men before we burn our home to the ground. We have a just duty to. A citizens duty is important. Our job is vital. That’s why I get on Republican voters. Being an American citizen doesn’t mean you have power over another person who isn’t an American citizen. As citizens, we must shape up. We must hold people who we give up our power to accountable to the truth. Political Extremism the commodification of the internet and our thoughts-and digital mass corporate political messaging blends easily with an oversized reliance on partisan sources of media, social media, this has contributed to the decay and destabilization of our lives. What was once the worlds greatest democracy. More importantly it has upended our bonds as neighbors. And people are making so much money off of us being this way.

By buying (monetarily endorsing) these new nationalist political symbols, like discolored disgraced flags, is ensuring this poison stays within our veins at the precise time when we should be vaccinating it. Trump true scar. Our constitution was forged to carry out the common goal of obtaining a better tomorrow. FOR ALL. Not solely raped for profit like our land and our collective consciousness have been. We, The People must work to again to ground ourselves in ourselves. Stop making other people money. The more we know about government the less we are afraid of. The more we know about our constitution the more liberty we have. The more we know about history the less we are burdened by it. This can never happen again. A con man masquerading as a politician with deep character flaws and foreign financial entanglements cannot be allowed to successfully lie to half the electorate. Who then opens the doors to the bank vault. To drive division to the point like nothing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. There are people making money off of us being this way. We do not want to be this way. Not really. It’s exhausting. It makes life so much less enjoyable. Deep down, we want to love thy neighbor. These people who are making money off of peddling extremism on places like Fox and Facebook must be held accountable, not continue to be given our time and our money. Consequences must follow. Accountability must follow. What happened in this country yesterday should of never happened. And we must never allow it to again. We have work to do.

*my use of ‘men’ in this context is meant to serve as meaning all of humankind

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