• Chris Banks

Smelling home...

Miss my mom, my family, my friends, my beach. The city is draining. So after I wrap this latest thing this week im going to see them.

Rarely do I have the space or quietness I need to do my research, write or meditate. I have to create silence in order to do that, usually pissing people off. But it’s necessary. I need to pay my union dues in the next couple of months so I just took on what will probably end up being my last non union project. And I get to work with children again!! So excited for that and all of the kids are literally amazing! Their so great, I couldn’t wait to get back and rehearse with them. It’s a very fulfilling experience and in the midst of everything else going on around me, a nice escape and comforting with the prior work history w children. I am one! So I love working with them. But I’m looking forward to paying my dues and getting back on the bigger sets. I literally cannot wait for it...

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