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Shipping Up (back in time) To Boston

Updated: May 23

I’m sick of making this blog out to be something that gives you the impression I‘ve had it all figured out this whole time - because I haven’t. When I first got headshots taken after Detroit I started to audition immediately. I’ll never forget my first, man was it dreadful. I looked up in the audition room and I’m not even sure they hear what I said.

I’ll never forget it.

I knew I didn’t get it the minute i walked out, and I knew I had a lot to learn in order to actually get back to my performing mindset that I had growing up. School and sports do a number on that part of the brain. But the fact I was awful didn’t stop me from auditioning, I always went on them, any I could get, and I never backed away once I got there, I was never nervous go the point I couldn’t do it, but I definitely allowed my nerves to drive my entire being. In between my dog walks I would run to go audition.

It was awesome, and I was learning so much.

i knew I had to move to NYC to really learn the craft though, so that’s why I did. When I started booking work I really started to work out my actors muscle that was dormant for so long. It’s kind of hard for it to not to be awoken though, when you book a job and you need to do it - you kind of just focus on that. You don’t focus on the fact you haven’t done it before or you didn’t go to school, nothing like that. You just do it. As best you can - that’s what I focused on. And I was fortunate to book every kind of film work I will encounter as an actor, the only things that change are the circumstances and the details -but the craft was there. And it wasn’t when I lived in Boston.

I started to really learn the technical side of film on klansman, and every job (big or small) has added to my development.

I am so ready to burst through the seams it’s not even funny. All I want to do is work.

But I’m not only the one...

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