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Realizing I was an actor & the second movie...

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Wardrobe for Professor Marston And The Wonder Woman

Picture taken near landsdowne street in Boston the night of my first audition at Boston University 2016

Going to register at Central Casting

Realizing that actually, maybe, I chose the wrong path with social science and law, I quickly signed up with every casting place in Boston that accepted cold submissions. I heard about Central Casting in New York from some guys on set so I wanted to go register with them as well. I had to be on set as often as possible, that’s all I knew.

It didn’t take long for me to get a call from Boston Casting, they wanted me for a fitting for another film this one much different from Detroit They were doing a movie called Professor Marston And The Wonder Woman, it was about the author of the original Wonder Woman. A very interesting story, and man. Not a big role, just playing a student - but these costume fittings were exciting. I loved being in a themed outfit. This was set in the 30s I believe.

This was only my second time on set but again I was asked to be in front of camera and to do a bunch of stuff with this girl who was lovely, her name has left me sadly. But we had a great few days on set. After this I was ready to go to New York and register for central casting, but first I had my first real audition for a film who held their audition at Boston University. I’ll never forget this night, I wasn’t nervous per se but I was definitely anxious. I did so bad I remember if so well, I looked up in the audition room and immediately recognized that I was not ready. I had a lot to learn, a lot to read and a lot to experience. But I was glad I went, I didn’t get the part nor did I deserve to. But the experience made me grow and looking back this was a great moment. It kind of set me on this crash course with the profession that I‘ve been on over the course of the last 2 years.

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