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I was asked recently what my goals outside of my work are. So many to choose. But I’d say my life goal outside of art would be to make American's understand their own country better. Collectively we need to become more engaged and participate, and therefore actually, finally, BE citizens. You can’t be a citizen if you’re not informed. And the word ’citizen’ is something that's been weaponized over the last few years. The funny thing about this is that American's don't even ACT like citizens. Collectively we are not informed, not engaged, and because of this we vote against our own self interests (if they vote at all), we demonize and blame the other side or people we don't know or understand - all because WE don't understand how OUR own country or government works, we don’t know our history, or how our laws operate, our institutions are only being targeted because of our own disinterest and disengagement. American’s don’t understand our own history because depending on which part of the country you are born, you are only exposed to selective parts of history. It’s sad, and it highlights why we have the discord we do in the country currently. Outside of art, THIS is my life work - to make people aware of this, ask difficult questions of ourselves, of our behaviors, and our actions. Only then will we operate the way Jefferson wanted intended, and what the people want so bad. Every color creed or background. This is America, and you are welcome in America. All you have to do is work hard, pay taxes, be a citizen, and love thy neighbor. Being a good person goes a long way...

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