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Park Slope ~> Sunset Park ~> Park Slope

It was the day I was getting my first check from dog walking. I needed to pay rent and I needed to go food shopping. I got up that morning and could not afford anything for breakfast. I had to pay for my rides so I had to buck it up until after my day when I could cash my check. I got my check in paper form first thing that morning because I stopped by the office to get it.

I started my walks and knew about halfway through that it was going to be a rough day. I needed to cash the check and get food or else i wasn’t sure i was going to make it through the day. 90+ degrees and 15 dogs to do. So halfway through my day i had a gap in my walks so i used the time to walk from park slope in Brooklyn to sunset park because I had no money for a ride. For whatever reason the local bank that I recently opened a checking account up with could not give me some cash and deposit the rest so I had to find a check cashing place. And so I walked all that way, on no food and after walking half of my dogs, for no reason.

Now I had to walk back to park slope area, finish walking my dogs and then cash the check and eat SOMETHING. And so that’s what happened, and that’s what I did. I finished the walks and then ate a slice of pizza, a water and a chocolate milk.

It was torture.

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