Pandemic Revisionist History

(From 11/1/20)

*If we had a competent federal government run by a competent human being-this is what our national response would have looked like*

In early February The President would have gotten on a call with the nations governors, telling them about the threat that is incoming, and already here in certain places. State governments would have then notified businesses that changes to their business practices needed to be implemented 2 weeks from now or else you have to shut your business down. Local governments would have gotten notified and put on alert, schools would have been let out. Meantime, the federal governments immense resources were being mobilized not only to develop a national testing strategy, but to ensure we had enough equipment nationwide, and to make room for the sick and homeless in facilities. State governments would have worked with businesses, with the monitoring of the federal government, to ensure best practices were being developed for each business that were deemed compliant to keep their business open. Other businesses, bars for example, would stand no chance. They’d have to close, but the suddenness of it all back in March would have been minimized and it’s effects not as striking. That same night The President would have addressed the nation, again this is early February. Prime time address. The President would have told us what our government knew at the time, that we had an airborne virus 3 times more potent than the flu, and that we had no vaccine, and we do not know where it’s coming from yet or how exactly. We know it’s transmitted through the air-so we will have to shut the entire nation down. Remember, back in February. Any american overseas would have been quarantined in place, until department of state deemed viable for them to return home safely. At this point our entire air and sea tourism industry would be shut down, along with bars. But that’s about it. Schools would probably have had to let kids out early still, but they would have had the time to develop best practices to either return early and finish work that was still left to be done and start the new school year on time. The rest of businesses not bars would have been working on plans to keep themselves open and operational. Again, some would have HAD to shutter. But business owners would have been informed a full 6 weeks before they entered. To be informed at the first week of February that our lives were about to enter uncharted territory, that the economy was gong to take a hit-and that millions may be out of work because of this.

We would have had time to prepare, we would have had time to breathe, to think, to appreciate, and to fight.

Instead what did we get?

We got a government who politicized public health, your and mine safety. Our parents safety. Our government then tried to blame other countries for their own ineptitude and slowness. Our government still takes zero responsibility for the job that is right now solely theirs to do. To say that this has upended as administration would be an understatement, but really it just highlights the unfitness for office that I and so many other cabinet officials have been saying since his first day on the job. The man who is currently our president is not up to the job. Say what you will about him personally, politically or otherwise. But the man did not do his job when the single biggest global event of the last 2 decades hit. It has sent ripples of shock through every layer of American life. The economy, people’s perception of their government, people’s patriotism, people love of country, people desire to want to work harder-everything. Having a corrupt man corrupt the government and then corrupt and cripple the governments ability to protect and help us out of the single biggest economical calamity of a century. It’s abhorrent. The man who currently holds the title of commander in chief is beneath the capability and dignity of our government. He has brought our entire government down, along with his ego. He thinks investigations are unfair. What’s unfair is to vote for someone who then uses the government to try to get everything he wants, to try to protect himself at the expense of all others and to be so angry confused conflicted and paranoid-all because you know you voted for a con man. He was watching television while he was supposed to be working. For us. Now that’s unfair, and that’s what Donald J Trump did to America. To us. All of us. The executive branch has a solemn duty to inform and to care, both of which this man failed at.

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