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On the edge...

Updated: May 23

This has been a week full of gravity. I'm right back down to where I belong. Had a string of disappointments recently, all of which born out of shortcomings that I myself have played a part in. I can’t keep allowing things in the outside world to impact my auditions. It’s also natural for it to, I guess - but a true pro doesn’t let whatever is going on in their life affect their work. The actor is no different, and maybe it’s even more important for us to block out whatever may draw energy from a particular set of actions or dialog. The lens will see it. I won‘t let it deter me from the greater goal, but it sure makes the immediate harder. I should’ve booked those jobs...

But what it has given me is immense gratitude for the projects I have done, the things I have accomplished, the strides I have taken within myself. It's also, and probably most importantly, given me gratitude to those who I have met and who have taught me, helped me and inspired me along the way during my time here in New York City...

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