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Updated: May 23

I process everything better when I write about it. I’ve written a lot about my experiences since moving to New York in my blog, and that’s because I’ve needed a place to process it all. It’s been crazy. It’s been INSANE actually. Ever see Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler? Honestly, sometime my life feels just like that, the pace the constant ever moving pace with each deacon I make affecting the next possible one. It’s a lot. And I haven’t booked THAT role yet, although I’ve had a couple cracks to do so. But, for whatever reason, hasn’t been my time yet. Sometimes I know inside of me that I would be much better as an actor, write better have more ready-to-go screenplays in hand, if I was just sitting by the ocean in Santa Monica. I know I would. Of course I would. But I moved to New York for a reason. I love this place. I didn’t even know If I could act when I left home, never mind be capable of taking on everything I’ve had in this city. And that’s even the bullshit jobs at first when I got here, on weekends. In an alley, next to the river - jobs for internals videos or other small productions. Every job I submitted for I had a bite when I was non-union. It was amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better acting school- the streets of New York City. Only until I’ve been able to sit inside for, what how long has this been now sometimes honestly it feels like it’s been forever, have I been able to

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