On Mr. Rogers...

(Originally from last year)

Having saw A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood and as a follow up to my post about Mr. Rogers from months ago..

Fred Rogers was no saint. The life that Fred lived, the choices he made, aren’t unattainable. Their hard.

Living a life of purpose isn’t easy, especially today and especially in this country. Now all we seem to value is profit richness fame social media bla bla bla

But Fred lived his life through his purpose, everyday of his life. That’s what made him so special. His purpose was so special. But he was a man, with flaws, and things that he struggled with.

This, I think, gives us all hope.

We must avoid (as hard as it is) the easy decisions, we must spend all of our time forging ahead with hard decisions.

Whatever they are to you.

Wherever ‘there’ is for YOU.

Like Tom Hanks says in the piece, ‘Fame is just a four letter word. Like face or zoom. It’s what we do with it that matters.

I think what I’ve struggled with the most since being there is the desperateness. The reaching en lieu of self discovery, awareness and actualization. Too many people move here with nothing but the thought of being famous. But if you were famous, what would do with it? Because that’s all that matters anyway. Would you pay yourself on the back? Make less of others? Buy all kinds of things that break down? Not me.

I didn’t move here to be famous.

I moved here to act. I moved to hustle. I moved to transcend the life i was living at the time. Mission accomplished.

Tom Hanks also says that ‘Everything mentionable is manageable“

I think this means that we all have things that we feel, we all have stuff that we are affected by, things we want to talk about.

But do you?

If you don’t want to talk to your brother or your parents or your spouse, try a close friend or go to a professional.

Somebody has to have the job of listening to you-whatever you need to say.

Mr. Rogers made everyone feel like they mattered, you know why?

Because we all do.

Life moves faster now than ever before, technology intertwines our emotional well-being with digital approval.

None of it matters.

All that matters is what’s in your heart..

(Love, fear, uncertainty, lies, pain, hopes, etc)

Let light in..

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