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On Fashion Week...

Updated: May 23

I want to preface this post acknowledging that I respect and love every single model for what they do. Their talent, their looks are undeniable - it’s their most useful tool. When I first got here in the city, I was mesmerized by the volume and difference in looks they all had. Their all so talented and such beautiful people.

I just don’t consider myself among them.

I’m an actor, who likes to model. I’m not a model. That’s why when I got invited to walk in fashion week, unlike past years - I didn’t.

Do I regret it? Yes I think I do already.

Because you don’t want to say no to anyone who wants you for, x y or z. It shouldn’t matter - I’m an actor, it’s counter to my nature to say no.

But I think I didn’t do it for the right reason. Fashion week is models chance to do what they do best, I’m an actor.

I’m really waiting for something exciting to come in acting wise, I want a character and a script I have to dig my teeth into. I fucking love it (sorry mom). I cannot wait to (hopefully one day) juggle many scripts. Or even turn one down - not out of disrespect, but out of sheer time. I just want to be constantly booked, one thing after another. I want to put one script down and pick up another one. All in the meantime shooting my little videos for my own self. I just need the consistency that allows for the peace of mind so I can write more. I want to write so much more

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