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On connecting with creatives..

Updated: May 23

What I love the most other than actually working is meeting us fellow creatives. We all have so much going on. All of us banging in the door, willing it open. Wether you’re setting up a project or your casting one or you want someone to interview or you need advice or a perspective or help-love. The madness of it all, the steady winds - I love all of it. I love navigating the big behemoth of people’s creativity, contributions, their thoughts and feelings about a particular thing. I love all of it. Sign me up. I just want to make good Art. I’ve had so many opportunities since being here that I am so deeply moved and eternally grateful. Mostly the bad guy but I’ve also done doctor lawyer host husband boyfriend. I need the funny guys, the quirky guys. Love being the badass though. Do I have a million dollars or a big contract to keep me sane and secure? No, but that’s only one component of doing this work. It’s the gift you get if you’re great or if you worked hard enough or if you just got lucky. But I don’t think I believe in just pure luck. I think the luckiest people are also the most hard working. It’s a universe thing. I just want to connect with people and work hard. But the only thing I love more than showing up for a day of work, is connecting with us all. It’s amazing. It’s such a privilege to be part of so many different projects, in this city and in my hometown. I’m hopeful that the projects keep growing, keep coming and keep getting more impactful. It’s all I want to do; create and connect. Through that we can help inform and illuminate. Only after that can we actually change things. It’s such an important time. I’m so grateful to be alive and an artist. We can do so much good. We can have so much fun. And we can meet so many people and tell so many amazing stories. This is why I moved

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