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On 9/11

Updated: May 23

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Today is a day to remember and reflect. I was in the 4th grade when close to 3,000 Americans were killed at their own workplace, during their vacations, in the midst of their day, or whatever other circumstances those who lost their lives were under when Islamic terrorists decided to bring their hate to our shore.

The country has never been the same, and probably never will be again. I still remember, and I was 10 at the time , wondering down Broadway after school being afriad that our own World Trade Center was going to be under attack. I wanted to know why they hated us. I stayed on alert for plane terrorist attacks for years. Anytime a plan would fly close to my viewpoint I almost became frozen, watching what the plane would do. Of course - what the plane did was fly, but that day left an indelible impression on me as a human being.

And I’m not the only one-

9/11 was one of those disastrous events in human history. This fear shocked Americans to their very core, as it would any people, and hardened our own anti government sentiments. Cheney and co. then subsequently lied to us - furthering those very anti-government sentiments. President Bush was a witting enabler - but he wasn’t the reason we got into war, just like he wasn’t the reason we got attacked. If Gore was President - the same thing would’ve happened.

I think anyway.

Fast forward a decade and Citizens United furthered this notion of mistrust , is the straight up fear, in government, because of greed - legalized greed was introduced to American politics. And do we even need to look at the results to know how damaging that decision was?

We just had a rogue nation masquerading as a world power actively interfere in our election process. And we don’t even talk about it! Because...politics today is one big infomercial!

Russia’s government are institutionalized YouTube commenters - not much more.

I feel for the people there. Which is why those of us who actually buy into this notion that Russia did not disinform American voters is so frustrating, because essentially what you’re trying to say that the sky is NOT blue.

Russia’s government, much like Al-Qaeda, wanted to destabilize the western world. And in doing so - the entire world.

Why? To prop themselves, and their defense of mistruth up-

and news flash for all of us,

It worked.

When I read the Muller report the question that always floated with me was what was the end result they wanted, when Putin and his cronies decided to bring his ‘governments’ macro disinformation campaign to this side of the planet - What was he trying to do? Make us nuke them by accident? Make us nuke someone else? Implode? Confuse us? Manipulate us? Make us turn on each other? Make us think that just because of x y or z, I’M more ‘American’ than YOU? Because that’s what Facebook groups did in the run up to the 2016 election. But what was his goal? To distract us with disinformation like he does his own people? His own nation is a quasi communist shell of what it used to be. And that’s not saying much. Their world agitators on the world stage - because they’ve failed at global diplomacy and domestic truth telling. Was his goal to further spread hate amongst groups of people that have always and will always struggle to call the same land home?

Because that’s America. That’s what America has always been.

A land for everyone, and a land for the few - all at once. These issues we’re facing today we have always faced. The difference between today and history is that we rose to the occasion. We focused. We realized we are all on one team. We didn’t let a foreign nation distract us, much less a nation like Russia. What has happened to us? 9/11 started the hardening of these opinions. But Why don’t we speak to our neighbor anymore? Why do we see some human lives as worth more than other human lives? When did that happen? Because I think there’s always been a strain of this throughout the country, but why did we let a foreign adversary electronically tap into our collective conscious and set us all off. We are acting like we are not all in this together. When our President attacks one woman of color based on her religion and tells her to go back to her country - it is an attack on all of us, as American’s. Our politics has devolved into something you hear when you’re playing Grand Theft Auto.

Politics is not a sport. There isn’t two teams and there is not a winner. WE either rise, or we fall. This is OUR country. OUR country.

Our founders, w their warts and sins albeit attached, wrote a document so lasting that it not only held its citizens to a high standard for these last 200+ years, but other nations used it as a blueprint for their own government. How incredible is that?

But now we aren’t meeting that standard, none of us are. And Russia, and the rest of our enemies, are loving every minute of it.

THIS was Putin’s goal. THIS was Al-Qaeda’s goal in 2001.

And instead of doing what every generation of Americans who faced challenges did - we aided and abetted. Our President doesn’t even talk about it.

It’s our own fault. And it’s up to us to correct the course we are all on..

Remembering all those who lost their lives on September 11 2001, and in the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We will never forget. We will always remember.

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