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It’s Up To You, New York

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

It didn’t take long for the phone to start ringing, this time New York was calling! It was definitely exciting but I still knew at this stage all I was getting was set experience, and getting paid. It was exciting though, to book my first couple of days there and have a reason to go and stay for those few days. It was all still new to me.

A few months into doing this I was reached out to by another casting company in the city to come in for Ocean’s 8. I knew it was going to be a biggy and I was curious what role I’d be playing. A footman. I stand there, and breathe. That was my job. And I had to do it for two weeks. I had to book and stay in NYC for two whole weeks! Obv I jumped at the chance, and I went in for a fitting while also auditioning for this documentary (that I didn’t end up booking.)

I had the amazing experience of staying with a Jamaican family for those two weeks up in Harlem, had a great time. Me and the little son, couldn’t have been more than 7 years old, ended up becoming dominos buddies. We played almost every night that I was there. I throughly enjoyed my time being there. On off says i went to Central Park, Walked from 135 down to 59 through the park and took the train back up to Harlem again. I loved it. It was liberating. I wanted to move right then and there. But I couldn’t. I had a job back home and i knew I needed to find another one once I got back. The hotel just wasn’t cutting it.

The actual shooting nights were crazy big. Luckily I was the only footman actually in frame so the entrance to the met gala, and being around Sandra, Anne and Lena was breathtaking. Anne Hathaway is literally just stunning in person. Sandra is an absolutely pro’s pro and Lena was making everyone laugh. It was fun on that set, just not fun with the number of people’s involved in those nights. Massive number of background and crew everywhere. At the Met no less. Crazy experience. But little did I know that I would be back with these same people almost a year and a half later when we were invited to the premiere, with my other footman buddies and to set the scene for the big night. Again, just another amazing experience and one that I’m very grateful to have, and write about.

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