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Updated: May 23

Man do I gain a lot from just being around the best. I’ve learned so much. I pick up everything and I’ve actually learned technical film. I had no idea about aspect ratios lighting blocking tailing sides breakdowns shot lists call sheets bla bla bla. All of this was foreign to me until I moved to New York City and worked on set.

In that time I’ve worked in every capacity as an actor, and I’ve worked on the crew side of the world. I understand not only performance but also the craft. I love and understand the writing process, reading and digesting scripts are traits pretty much embedded in me. And always have been. I chose law school initially just because I had not been on a film set yet. My first day on one I knew. And everyday since has been lived trying to get myself to a place that I’m still working toward

So far I’ve mainly gotten to play antagonists. But I am itching for the day I can do my own character study, dive deep into a particular conscious and excavate a certain truth. That’s where the fun starts - and I haven’t even been able to do that, yet. I’m very excited but to be honest very anxious. I just want to work. I know I will knock everyone out of the park, but to put myself in a place to be given that trust and to then go out and earn it - that’s where I am right now. I work everyday, in any way that I can, in order to make myself not just a better actor but a more capable one. Going into the new year I want to take a vocal and dance class. Anything to keep improving myself and my capabilities. I want to be ready when my name is called. That’s the magic about being an actor, my first day on one of my sets I am absorbing absolutely everything, and hurling myself into the arms of my director. He (or she) knows, and that’s all that matters. He chose me, so anything he or she wants me to do I will not only do but do to the absolute best of my ability.

I’ve been spending some time at the Broadway Comedy Club and it’s been super rewarding. I enjoy being there and watching my fellow actors work on stuff or just have fun.

I moved to nyc

I submitted for jobs

I booked jobs

I worked jobs

I never had one bad experience being paid to act

I only had problems with getting paid

or being fed

That’s why I joined union

I didn’t pay casting directors to be able to hand them my resume

I didn’t pay a company to create a reel

I didn’t pay to sit in a classroom

I worked, in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut

That’s how I created my reel

That’s how I created my resume

I’ve lost all kinds of weight and have had to endure so much stress and anxiety.

I lost an uncle

My mother went through surgery and it woke me up to my reality of having to be a better son

And a better actor

I work on it every single day of my life

In everything I do and in every situation I find myself in

It’s nothing but hard work

But I’m ready to start having fun.

I want the deep meaningful work, telling the stores that connect us all

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