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If The President Has Any Honor Or Pride In His Country Or In The Office ; He Should Resign

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

The more I learn about Nixon the more I realize that this isn’t the first tome a president has acted and thinks he is above the law. The difference now is that the investigators weren’t able to investigate. And even in spite of that, they found what they found.

Just think of that for a minute.

When the break in at DNC happened during Nixon’s reign, the investigators put the puzzle piece together. One piece at a time. Until the puzzle reached the White House.

The other difference now is that we have a man of absolutely no honor, no integrity and no sense of values in the White House. I never thought I’d be giving someone like Richard Nixon praise like that. But that the magnitude of the difference here and why it’s so profound to not take any action against this administration.

At least the Nixon administration slowly recognized that it could not contain the revelations that came out, day after day about the origins and magnitude of the break in.


The only difference was it ‘wasn’t’ directed by Trump himself. It was just encouraged and supported by the absolute imbeciles that surround him. Inexperienced, intolerant, in way over their heads.

Nixon paid people to break into DNC.

Wikileaks (Russia) broke into DNC on their own.

Nixon resigned because he knew he disgraced the office, and the country.

Trump doesn’t even acknowledge the break in helped elect him President.

Because he had ‘nothing to do with it’.

That may be true, but he used stolen data to his advantage. He encouraged foreign nations to interfere in a sovereign election. He promotes accepting stolen information, just because it can be used to help himself.

What does that say about this man. What does that say about this country. How do we support someone who thinks this way about his own country, OUR country.

How can you say it’s appropriate to accept stolen information when our most disgraced President’s resigned because of it. That never happened before, but should happen again - because this man has less honor in his bones and thinks less of both the country and the job than one Richard Nixon.

What the hell does that say about the man we voted to be our leader.

What does that say about US.

We. Are. So. Much. Better. Than. This.

The rule of law is under attack, by the President Of The United States.

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