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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

But I had to use up my time being union eligible. I was fortunate to get a lot of work from the casting companies around the city. Interesting, intimate roles, interacting with principles, kissing scenes with them, days on set when I was technically the only ‘background’ actor there. It was all interesting, it was all fun and I leaned a tremendous amount.

I learned a tremendous amount of technical film on the set of klansman, both by observation/listening and by asking questions. The more I got away from the project the more I realized I learned. No amount of dollars spend on workshops or hours in a film classroom can make up for what I was exposed to and learned being apart of and watching that movie being made on set. I’ll never forget it and I’ll never let it go. Because it was a defining moment in my life and something that I was very proud to have been apart of.

Blend this extraordinary experience with the jobs that I booked for myself. A couple independent features, a couple shorts, an insanely fun music video where I got to do stunts for the second time, and a pilot. I got a lot of work for myself, and I was able to develop my own craft in a more organic way that I realized when i was in the middle of it. Only now do I have the clarity to see this.

Any one of the indie films or the short films or student film that i was on can attest to the fact that i am very in the weeds while shooting. I love every aspect of creating. I’m editing the dialog, seeing the cinematography envisioning the scene hearing the dialog, every moment. Even when we’re not shooting. I love table reads, i love just sitting there with my eyes closed. You can gauge how a particular scene is going to work. I loved my experience on the smaller sets because I got to put on the many hats that I hope to someday wear again. But on the big sets.

And I didn’t stop doing union work,

I remember my day on Billions where i played the waiter in this tiny intimate scene with three of the principles actors, it was quite a short day (compared to what I was used to) because I was only rheee to get in my waiter wardrobe and at by the door of the table that the actors weee sitting at. I didn’t even have to move essentially. But the conversation on set that day meant I even took a lesson from that day. I took lessons when i could whenever I could get them. When you already have the acting bug in you, these experiences just bring it out and turn up the volume. I got to take leaps, and instead of going to film school I went straight to film.

I’ve learned, something, every day that I spend on a film set. That’s one of the reasons why I fell in love with this work. Not only do you get to creates. But You get to meet and connect with people from every walk of life and profession, what’s even better is you get to listen to them, to share with them and to learn from them. I’m such a better person and I’ve became an actor because of all of the experiences that I’ve gone through and all of the people that I’ve met and all of the dialog and stunts and bla bla bla.

I couldn’t book the gigs fast enough. Both to maintain weight and rent. I did all sorts of smaller videos. Product demonstrations, live news reports, promo’s, interviews, spokesman type videos. I’ve literally done it all in front of a camera, already. But I grew tired of the non union world. The small pay, the lesser quality, the struggle of x y or z that you just don’t have to deal with being in the union world. I couldn’t keep struggling to feed myself, even being the lead in features. So I had to join, and I will not audition and aim to break out from what I am currently doing

I’ll get on the stage as soon as a role, or a production, wants me to be on stage.

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