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A thought process that began long before BlacKkKlansman

Updated: May 23

I was very proud to be apart of something so historic with that film. We were having the most flammable of social conversations with this film. It was poignant and it was powerful.

The man we elected to the nations highest office said a lot about us as a people, and I don’t think we’re asking enough hard questions of ourselvesto find the true reason why decent people elected such a disgusting and indecent man. It’s a question that still puzzles me to this day.

Hopefully the next election will answer these questions, because if it doesn’t - the future stability of the country will be thrown into grave doubt.

This isn’t a time for politics, it’s a time for patriotism. We need people brave enough to look at the facts as they stand, not lodged in an ideological battle with the ‘other’. That’s no constructive way for any person to live their life, and if especially isn’t sustainable for the life of a democracy.

A democracy requires more from its citizens.

I see us focusing on the word citizen instead of focusing on the practice of being one.

The word citizen has been demonized with this man in the nations highest office. He thinks just because he fooled a nation at the highest and most consequential level, he can distract from what we really should be paying attention to, instead we are chanting ‘send them back’. I find this astonishing.

Because like, really?

I’d prefer to live in a country of people who strive and come from nothing, working towards a better tomorrow, than an America where people who think that dream is their own, to own, and to allow others access to. Their not. And their wrong.

Please refer to Thomas Jefferson’s writing if you are a confused white American.

This country was MADE for those who are poor but striving for better. That’s why we fought an empire, and that’s why we should start fighting our own self built empire - because it is unAmerican.

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