Updated: Aug 20

Art always was my first love. My place of refuge. It was a space of love for me. The enriching self love we all need. Most often people find self love in things other than the abstract. But thats what makes us artists the unique beasts we are. Each of us, whether we want to admit or not are our own. Art was one of few times in my day as a kid where I would feel good. As a kid acting was what I did to maintain sanity. I know. I’m weird. Going to the movies with my friends turned into my place of safety and fun. Music was what I did when I wanted to relax, unwind. When I wanted to feel more me. I sang along. I bought a bass. I enjoy residing in the foundation of our music house-rhythm. School doesn’t help with rhythm or creativity, but it helped me be able to fill my brain with information. Instead of doing drugs or god knows what else. Everyone has their own choices to make and are unique, but making that choice helped me in doing what I always wanted to do, heal myself. I wanted to live in my brain. I needed to force information into my brain. Because if I didn’t, I’d end up just like who I didn’t want to be. The worst of me as a kid. My father was always very serious when he told me never to think about a career in the military. But thats any fathers right. Like I said, we all make our own choices. But my father cleaned toilets and picked up trash instead, it allowed me to go to school. Thank you to my mother as well. We all fill our brains with something.

Acting allows me to go to deeper places within myself. Also allows me to go to so many places meet so many people and be able to connect with others in such a unique more meaningful and different way than I ever was able to before. Especially in my youth. Maybe that’s New York. Maybe it’s acting.

I’m endlessly trying to stretch myself in every direction. The amount of auditions are dizzying. I have to remember I also have to live a life, be a son, a family member, a friend, boyfriend. Working is where I have the most fun. I’m extremely grateful for these auditions. We have to keep in mind that the fruits of bookings are elusive, I push us all not to hide behind technology as any excuse in our life now. It’s going to always be there. This is why. That’s an easy excuse. Sometimes I don’t have a reader, or it could be the space I’m confined to. Maybe I’m just bad. Is it the speed of the world? It’s technology I think, this new force now present in and affecting all of American life now. Money is not the sole reason why we exist, or why art exists. Art exists to ask questions, share our humanity, expand our perception, open our hearts, allow us into our feeling, push the depths of our humanity to feel more, understand more. To have true empathy. It’s why painters paint, writers write, why musicians play songs. This is why us actors act. This is why I act. I enjoy being a vessel for all of human life through my own feelings and my own experiences. To be able to live so many lives with my one roll of the dice. I honestly like it a lot bec I’m able able to learn about everything. I mean everything. To master every skill I can physically do. To be able to play any character, a character that’s asked of me. That’s why I threw away a life of law. This is who I am.

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