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Who Am I?


Irish-Canadian. Born and raised on 5th Street in South Boston, My mother's a single mother, she’s an alcoholic. My father was in the military all of my childhood and worked for the City of Boston after, also an alcoholic. I'm an only child. They did their best, and they did what was best for me. Thankfully. I ran track, played baseball and basketball mainly when I was growing up, I got into all kinds of trouble. When your mother is busy working and unavailable emotionally-you do that.

But I always loved being the center of attention. As a kid, I thrived being on stage.

Creativity was never a class I got to take, but me and my friends created wrestling leagues (complete with characters and storylines). My classmates and I would create skits out of our weekly vocabulary words.

Eventually, the entire class would participate because our teacher made it a weekly thing. 


Acting, performing, storytelling-

this stuff has always been in my blood


Luckily I have a great family. My grandfather (an immigrant, a cook from Cork, Ireland) was loaned money from his boss (he worked as a paper cutter in Boston) to buy the home that still sits on E. Fifth Street in Southie today,

My family still lives there.

I come from household of women, mainly sisters (but also many others like friends moms, ‘cousins’, other peoples mothers entirely). Took a village to raise me.

It takes a village to raise any child.
Spending my days down the old, Old Colony Projects with my aunt. I worked with kids for close to a decade, in a lot of different capacities. Helped my uncle coach girls softball and boys little league.

But, my mom&I didn't have any money. I’ve worked since I was 13, mostly with kids. Paid for my own braces at 16. My mom used my dads child support to send me to St. Brigid’s and then Gate of Heaven School that used to be in Southie. I was in the last freshman class at Savio Prep In East Boston, I graduated from Pope John XXIII High School in Everett, MA. I’m very thankful she did. She had to work. So naturally, I told myself to go to college. 

I took out loans. 

I spent my entire young adult life in school, and working.

It protected me from making bad decisions. 

What'd I learn about? People, emotions, the body, lifespan, communities, culture, perception, dreams, sex, philosophy, sociology, literature, history, architecture, monsters, logic, law, and government. 


The summer I was to graduate I interned at a family law firm, as I studied and prepared to go law school. I was the first in my family to graduate from college. A.S. Behavioral Science Quincy College, B.A. Psychology University Of Massachusetts Boston. I took the LSAT. I loved the law.


But I could not enroll in law school, because that summer was my first time ever on a film set - Katheryn Bigelow’s Detroit. 

And as they say, the rest is history. It reminded me of what my purpose was, why I was breathing air and it rekindled a fire I had as a kid. 

All I knew was I needed to act. I needed to get experience. I wasn't a kid anymore! 

I needed to do so many different things in front of and behind the camera before I could even think about joining an actors union. So on June 15th 2017 I quit all three of my jobs in Boston in the summer, packed two bags, brought my pillow and moved to New York City, with nothing but a month’s rent. I had no idea what awaited me. I could not have been any luckier..

One July 5th, I moved to New York City with two bags 400 dollars and without any acting experience. What I had was a heart full of purpose and love. Love for the world, for the craft, a love for connecting, to learn and help others. 


Fast forward and now I'm lucky I got all of the experience I missed out on during school. A very unorthodox route for an actor to take, but then again-I'm a very unorthodox guy. I've lived a very unorthodox life. I didn't act when I should have as a child, but I am so grateful to have gotten the education I did. 



What Am I Up To?


It's Up To You,

New York

The city that adopted me..

Moving from Southie to New York was the hardest, most challenging yet most rewarding thing I've ever done in my life. 

The acting got to happen! Boy oh boy did it ever. And oh did I learn! 

I don't think I'll ever stop learning. That's what I love about acting most of all. You're never done learning..


From the smallest job with zero lines, to the biggest job with hundreds of pages. Prosthetics to wigs to stunts to trailers. From long nights as a bad guy to waking up reporting live from the streets of Lincoln Center then to getting home showering and being able to do improv on a stage at night to waking up the next day to be able to go BEHIND the camera-moving to New York City and becoming an actor was the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I could’ve ever asked for. What I learned, all who I learned from, and the city has made such an indelible impression on some irish-canandian kid from Southie-

All of you, every place I've been to and with you will be a part of me forever. Thank you

Being able to connect with a director on some cellular level, that's the magic. Meeting a writer, a TEAM. All that LOVE-

 What most don't see on a film set is all of us, working hard, differently

yet in unison, one motion hurling ourselves towards one goal-

the finish line. 

In short-being on set is harmony for me and my ego- there is simply no better feeling than having the opportunity to contribute and to connect and to create with professional craftspeople.  


"You can't understand the very important thing in life unless you allow yourself to get close to it."


Being the first in my family to graduate from college was the best decision I ever made in my life. The second was moving to New York City with a months rent, a pillow and my backpack..

It's the people that stick with you, the experiences, memories 


What you learn, what you go through,  challenges you face inside and outside-we overcome. 

The speed of life, the people you meet and the stories we share - they make a tremendous impact on you. 


Film saved my life. Long before I became an actor, when I was 13-every week me and my friends went to the movies. What did we see? Everything. Every week. There was always something good, even the bad ones. This is still true. However film is in a unique position now, as an industry we are at a cross roads. Streaming has upended everything-but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I don’t think it is anymore. I was very afraid of streaming, but honestly I think what it does is make us in film focus even more. Streaming will always be there. We in the theatre must focus on making the movies that pull people out of their home and out into the world. 


There are so many stories needing to be told! I'm focusing on those. 


always felt a distinct responsibility, being in the middle of the universe-to apply some of the tools social science and the law gave me.

Not only to help others navigate this sprawling and ever fluid existence, but to better understand our city, our country and our world. Understanding being human makes being human better. I’m fortunate to have gotten the education that I did.



FIlm Can Help Change The World!


People of diverse backgrounds, experiences, talents, skills, and walks of life coming together not only to tell stories but to make people laugh, cry, and LEARN! 


Let's go!!

"An Instrument To Achieve Your Vision"


Let's get to work!

Local Hire: Tristate, New England, PA, VA, MD, DC, GA

Resides New York City



(Told you I was a Boston boy:)

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